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Once built, this section of pages aspires to be the repository of pictorial lists of cool Olivia collectibles. As always, I will attempt to be as exhaustive as possible in my listings. If I own it, I'll take a picture of it and scan it; if I don't own it but can get my hands on a picture, I'll include that as well. My lofty goal has always been to make this fan site one in which a collector (such as myself) can view lists of all that there is to hear, have, and/or hold with regard to Olivia Newton-John. Think of it as a graphics-intensive site of checklists and you will envision what I have in mind. I've started the scanning already, but there is no end in sight at this point. I'll try to upload things in batches so the table of contents links can become workable soon, but I need to finish the updated Cover Girl section of the site first, since that was reported to be the most used section of my original site.

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