Music Connection: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN

International Television Appearances

This list is an attempt to compile known television appearances worldwide. Where a show repeats often, as in the case of the Saturday Night Live appearance, I have listed only the first airing date for the show. I DO NOT have video copies of all the shows on this list (although I am trying!) and have therefore had to rely on numerous sources for information. If you can provide any missing information, please email me.

The list is alphabetized by the name of the show or category (as in Olivia's Television Specials, which are listed together), with multiple appearances listed chronologically beneath the name of the show. Wherever possible, I have attempted to list the exact title of the show, i.e., "Late Night with David Letterman" instead of just "David Letterman" or "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" instead of just "Regis and Kathie Lee."

Format: Name of show, (date), [time (rounded up to the nearest minute)], country of broadcast, notes on Olivia's involvement in the show.

This site is currently under construction. Appearances past 1996 have yet to be added.
Name of show not known
(00/00/00) [5] France. B/W; Sings No Matter What You Do.
(00/00/00) [1] US. In front of the Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
(1974) [3] Europe. Sings Long Live Love.
(1979) [3] France. Hopelessly Devoted.
(1979) [2] France. Olivia in Europe. Voiceover interview with French subtitles.
(1981) [10] Brazil. Sings Physical, Landslide.
(1987) [7] Australia. Interview in Aussie home. Chloe's Aussie TV debut.
(1988) [5] Holland. Sings The Rumour.
(1988) [28] Holland. Interview with Dutch subtitles, includes footage from Soul Kiss, Making a Good Thing Better, The Case. Can't We Talk It Over in Bed video.
(1988) [4] France. The Rumour.
(1992) [25] Italy. Hopelessly Devoted to You, You're the One That I Want.
(1992) [6] UK. Interview, includes talk about Grease 3, environment. Clip from "It's Cliff Richard" show.
(1993) [20] Australia. Interview on cancer, career.
(1994) [6] Australia. On saving the rainforests.
(1994) [5] Australia. Sings No Matter What You Do.

(1983) [17] US. Early report about influense of music videos and MTV. Little ONJ content.

23 Years of Australian TV
(1991) [10] Australia. Salute to Australian television.

24 Hour Television Telethon
(1991) [29] Japan. Magic, Physical, Honestly Love You, Over the Rainbow.

8 Track Flashback
(1996) [3] US. Clips of Mellow/Please Mr. Please.
(08/96) [4] US. Grease commentary, You're the One That I Want video shown.

About the United Nations: Environment & Development
(00/00/00) [20] US. Hosts and narrates.

Academy Awards
(1979) [4] US. Sings Hopelessly Devoted to You.
(1980) [3] US. Presents award with Gene Kelly.
(1983) [3] US. Presents award for Best Song.
(03/29/89) [1] US. Introduces Kiefer and Donald Sutherland.

Access Hollywood
(10/20/96) [5] US. Interview on cancer, Lifetime Applauds show.

Album Flash
(1983) [?] US. Cinemax; videos from Two of a Kind.
(1985) [25] US. Cinemax; videos from Soul Kiss, interview clips + outtakes.

AM Los Angeles
(1982) [5] US.
(1986) [15] US. Co-host. Partial show due to preemption by ABC News Special Report.
(1987) [5] US. With Matt and Chloe.

America's Top Ten
(1980) [21] US. Casey Kasem salutes top 10 women of rock n roll era, incl. Carpenter, Cher.

American Bandstand
(00/00/00) [1] US. Tribute to teen idols; clip from Make a Move on Me.

American Music Awards
(01/31/75) [8] US. ONJ presents award for Pop Male vocalist and wins four awards. (Aired in Japan with Japanese subtitles.)
(01/31/76) [21] US. Co-host. ONJ sings medley of hits and What'll I Do/Always; wins 3 awards. (Aired in Japan with Japanese subtitles.)
(1979) [4] US. Sings Hopelessly Devoted.
(1982) [7] US. Sings Make a Move on Me; tribute to Aussie music.
(1983) [7] US. 10th Anniversary retrospective, Olivia via satellite.
(1988) [1] US. Appears via satellite from Sydney.
(01/30/89) [1] US. Presents tribute to musicians who died in 1988.
(1990) [2] US. With Stephen Bishop, presents two awards.

American Sportsman
(1978) [18] US. Releases captive-bred cheetah into wild game preserve.

An Evening with Friends of the Environment
(1990) [13] US. With Bette Midler, Cher, Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn. Sings Magic, Over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful World (finale with all).

(1989) [11] US. Sings Reach Out for Me, interview.
(1992) [6] US. I Need Love, interview (bald Matt in audience).

At the Movies
(12/83) [7] US. Siskel and Ebert review Two of a Kind.
(1996) [?] US. Siskel and Ebert review It's My Party.

Australia Live
(01/01/88) [5] US. A&E; With Matt and Chloe, sings It's Always Australia for Me at her home in Australia.

Australian Royal Bicentenial Concert
(1988) [11] Australia. With Denver, Richard. Sings It's Always Australia for Me, Suddenly (with Cliff).

Australian Logies Awards
(1982) [19] Australia. Co-Hosts and sings Make a Move on Me, Falling.

Australian Music to the World
(1980) [5] Australia. Early footage.

Australian People's Choice Awards
(1993) [68] Australia.

Avro's Platen Publieks
(1981) [13] Netherlands. Sings Physical, Sam, Deeper than the Night.

Back to Basics Geffen Promo
(1992) [10] US. Olivia talks about and introduces songs from the CD.

Beautiful Dramatic Lady
(1985) [40] Japan.

Behind the Scenes
(1992) [10] Italy. Rio footage.

Bob Hope Special
(12/15/74) [?] US. ONJ sings I Honestly Love You, duets with Bob on Silver Bells, and appears as a hobo in a comedy skit.
(12/19/77) [?] US. With ONJ, Perry Como, Mark Hamil. ONJ sings I Honestly Love You, duets with Bob on Silver Bells, and appears in a spoof of Star Wars.
(00/00/00) [1] US. Birthday Special. Highlight clip of Olivia with Bob singing Silver Bells from 1974 Xmas show.
(1979) [6] US. Re-airs Star Wars Spoof from 1977.
(1981) [7] US. Physical.
(12/82) [4] US. Re-airs 1977 Silver Bells duet with Bob.

Bobby Rivers Show
(1988) [15] US. VH-1; interview.

Burt Newton Tonight
(1984) [50] Australia. With Pat Farrar.
(1988) [7] Australia. Pat & Olivia on Koala Blue.
(1989) [16] Australia. With Pat Farrar and her kids.

Canale 46
(00/00/00) [9] Italy. B&W footage of Olivia's arrival in Italy; Grease.

CBS This Morning
(1983) [?] US. Interview.
(1992) [5] US. On I Need Love.
(1993) [5] US. A Pig Tale.

Christmas in Washington
(12/89) [14] US. Hosts; sings I Will Rock You, Silent Night, Joy to the World (finale with all).

City Lights
(1982) [20] Canada. Video clips.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows: Thank You Very Much
(00/00/00) [3] UK. Documentary, including comments by Olivia.

CNN Entertainment News
(1989) [3] US. Interview on Warm and Tender.

(1980) [24] Australia. Interview, sings Magic, Xanadu; intoduces finalists in dance contest.
(1981) [10] Australia. Interview about Physical.

Crook and Chase
(1990) [20] US. TNN.

Current Affair [A]
(1992) [5] US. Grease anniversary.

David Sheehan's Hollywood
(1980) [10] US. With Gene Kelly.
(10/78) [15] US. Interview about Grease, relationships, and recording. Clips of Olivia in the studio recording On Borrowed Time.

Dean Martin Show [The]
(1973) [5] US. Sings If and Just a Little Lovin' (with Dean).

Dennis Miller
(1992) [10] US. I Need Love (live), interview.

Dick Cavett: Behind the Scenes
(1983) [27] US. HBO; With John Travolta; Two of a Kind. Includes Take a Chance video.
(1983) [4] US. HBO; Show promos.
(1983) [8] US. HBO; Interview, talks about Physical concert.

Dick Clark Special Flashbacks
(00/00/00) [1] US. New Year's 1975: clip of Olivia singing I Honestly Love You.

(04/16/76) [90] US. With ONJ, Stevie Wonder, Sally Struthers, John Bynor. Sings Pub with No Beer and Tucker Box and duets with Dinah on You Got Your Troubles.
(1978) [13] US. Salute to Grease.
(1980) [20] US. Xanadu.

Dionne & Friends
(1990) [15] US. Reach Out for Me.

Disco 1971
(1971) [3] UK. If Not for You.

Disco Quiz
(02/23/79) [1] Germany. Clip of Olivia singing Banks of the Ohio.

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
(12/22/79) [?] US. With ONJ, Smokey Robinson, Heart. Sings Totally Hot.

Don Lane Show [The]
(1980) [30] Australia. Interview.

Donny & Marie
(09/22/78) [9] US. You're the One That I Want (w/ Donny); Hopelessly Devoted; plays Cleopatra in a skit, during which sings It's Nice to Have a Man around the House.

Donny Sutherland
(09/80) [10] Australia. Birthday salute.

Dream Collection
(1990) [12] Japan. Sings Reach Out for Me.

(00/00/00) [3] US. Disney; Animated character video of You're the One That I Want.

E! News Daily
(00/00/00) [2] US. At an environmental fair with Ed Begley, Jr.
(1993) [2] US. Fundraising party at Olivia's beach house.
(1993) [2] US. On breast cancer.
(1993) [2] US. On celebrity authors.
(11/95) [10] US. Records Christmas Never Felt Like This.

Earth 90
(1990) [9] US. Co-host in France; Reach Out for Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Earth Day
(1990) [2] US. C-SPAN; Olivia introduces guests.

Eddy Go Round
(1974) [11] UK. Sings Long Live Love, I Honestly Love You.

Entertainer of the Year Awards
(01/18/75) [?] US. CBS.

Entertainment Tonight
(10/81) [3] US. Receives star in Hollywood.
(1982) [1] US. Talks about Physical tour.
(10/83) [2] US. At grand opening of Koala Blue on Melrose Avenue.
(12/83) [5] US. Two of a Kind movie premiere.
(1984) [8] US. Interview at Koala Blue, unedited including outtakes and bloopers.
(09/24/85) [3] US. Soul Kiss promo, pregnancy.
(1988) [3] US. Interview at home on The Rumour, HBO Special.
(1989) [2] US. Filming Tea Party promo for Reach Out for Me.
(1990) [2] US. A Mom for Christmas.
(1991) [3] US. Koala Blue bankruptcy.
(1992) [5] US. Grease anniversary.
(05/30/92) [3] US. Promotes I Need Love, includes video clips.
(11/94) [5] US. Two interviews on A Christmas Romance.
(05/95) [2] US. On World Music Awards.
(09/26/95) [1] US. Birthday list.
(1996) [1] US. Segment on Travolta's movie Get Shorty; clips from Grease shown.
(1996) [1] US. Clips from Grease.
(1996) [?] US. It's My Party.
(09/26/96) [1] US. Birthday list.

Entertainment Tonight?
(1982) [1] US. On the Physical tour.

EURO SuperChannel Interview
(1986) [15] Europe. On career, Chloe.
(1988) [15] Europe. The Rumour.

Eurovision Song Contest
(1974) [4] Europe. Sings Long Live Love.

(12/16/94) [10] US. Interview on A Christmas Romance.
(1995) [1] US. Claudia Schiffer in Monte Carlo (ONJ in background).

Fire and Ice Ball
(1995) [8] US. Speech on breast cancer.

(09/96) [1] Canada. Birthday list (in French).

Football Game
(1987) [9] Australia. Sings Waltzing Matilda/Aussie National Anthem/I Still Call Australia Home.
(1994) [2] Australia. Sings Aussie National Anthem.

French Shopping Spree
(00/00/00) [12] France.

Friday Night Videos
(12/83) [4] US. World premiere of Twist of Fate video.

(1996) [3] US. Xanadu featured on TV in Joey's and Chandler's apartment.

Futures II
(00/00/00) [20] US. Olivia visits classroom with Jaime Escolante.

(1985) [6] Mexico. Interview about Soul Kiss w/ Spanish subtitles. Take a Chance video.

(1990) [12] US. Earth Day Special.

Glen Campbell Special: Down Home, Down Under
(05/20/76) [55] US. With ONJ, Sherbet, Bill and Boyd. ONJ duets with Glen on Happy Together, His Boomerang Won't Come Back, Pub with No Beer, Down Under in the Outback, Emu, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Let Me Be There, and Waltzing Matilda and sings Greensleeves and a chorus of Come Away.

(1995) [3] UK. Preview of Cliff's new video "Had to Be."

Good Company
(1987) [19] US. Interview on career, Koala Blue.

Good Day Boston
(1990) [45] US. Koala Blue.

Good Day LA
(10/96) [7] US. Interview via satellite from NY.

Good Morning America
(1978) [15] US. On Grease, clip of You're the One That I Want.
(09/11/81) [8] US. Physical promo.
(1983) [6] US. Interview by David Hartman about tour.
(11/29/83) [7] US. John Travolta and Olivia interview Part 1.
(11/30/83) [6] US. John Travolta and Olivia Part 2.
(1985) [?] US. Soul Kiss promo.
(1988) [5] US. Pre-Rumour release interview.
(1989) [5] US. Interview, Spirit of the Forest.
(10/31/89) [8] US. Warm and Tender.
(1993) [6] US. Promotes A Pig Tale.

Gossip Show [The]
(01/95) [2] US. On marriage breakup.
(1996) [1] US. Seen at Beverly Club duetting with Geena Davis.
(1996) [?] US. Eric Roberts and It's My Party.

(01/30/95) [15] Germany. Promoting Gaia.

Grammy Awards
(03/01/75) [?] US. (18th Annual) Olivia not in attendance, but wins Record of the Year.
(1976) [?] US. (19th Annual) Olivia presents award with Paul Williams.
(1979) [?] US. (22nd Annual) Sings.
(1982) [2] US. (25th Annual) With Peter Allen.
(02/87) [6] US. (29th Annual) Presents award for Song of the Year with Julio Iglesias.
(02/89) [2] US. (31st Annual) Presents award for Song of the Year.
(1990) [3] US. (32nd Annual) Olivia and Sam Kineson present award to Bonnie Raitt.
(1991) [2] US. (33rd Annual) With Kenny G.

Grease Day U.S.A.
(06/09/78) [49] US. Post-premiere party with ONJ, Travolta, Debbie Boone, Eve Arden, Stockard Channing, ShaNaNa, Yvonne Elliman, Andy Gibb, Frankie Valli.

Greek Theatre Interview
(1989) [5] US. Interview, comments on California's Big Green initiative.

HBO Location Report
(1988) [5] US. Making of Olivia Down Under special.

HBO Magazine
(1983) [25] US. HBO; on the Physical Concert.

Headliner's Five with David Frost
(09/78) [5] US. Interview discussing teenage years.

Hollywood Insider
(1985) [2] US. Soul Kiss

Home Show [The]
(00/00/00) [4] US. Cooking with Olivia in Malibu.
(1988) [20] US. Koala Blue.
(1988) [4] US. ONJ interviewed by Nancy Chuda.
(1989) [50] US. Co-host; includes segment on compulsive shopping.
(1989) [50] US. Co-host; includes segment on transporting holiday food by car.
(1990) [6] US. Promoting A Mom for Christmas.

Hot Hero Sandwich
(00/00/00) [?] US. Saturday morning kid's show. Short interview.

Hour Magazine
(1981) [6] US. Receiving star in Hollywood.
(1983) [?] US. Part 1 of 2: Two of a Kind.
(1983) [6] US. Part 2 of 2: Two of a Kind.
(1988) [30] US. Gary Collins interviews.

House Party
(1990) [14] US.

Human Nature (also known as Wildlife in some countries)
(1995) [varies] US. Discovery; Host of all (13?) episodes. Specifics on as many shows as possible listed below.
(1996-1997) [varies] US. Animal Planet; Host of all episodes (episodes from two seasons being shown; exact number unknown).

In a New Light
(09/04/92) [5] US. AIDS Benefit; sings I Honestly Love You.

Is This Your Life?
(00/00/00) [30] UK. With Matt, Chloe.

It's Cliff Richard
(1972) [?] UK. BBC; Olivia was a special guest for the entire season.

John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas
(12/10/75) [6] US. Sings Let It Shine, backing vocals on Fly Away with John Denver.

John Travolta Uncut
(1997) [1] US. E!; Olivia shown with John.

(12/94) [5] US. Promoting A Christmas Romance.

Koala Blue Party
(1984) [20] Australia. Interviews.

Ladies of the 80's
(1984) [4] US. Casey Kasem's countdown of the top female singers (ONJ is No. 1).

Larry King Live
(1989) [22] US. Koala Blue
(1993) [15] US. On cancer, A Pig Tale.
(06/96) [42] US. About cancer.

Last Whale [The]
(1994) [45] Australia. Silent Ruin (original version).

Late Show with Letterman [The]
(1990) [8] US. Interview, Reach Out for Me.

(12/95) [47] US. Sings Christmas Never Felt Like This.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
(1989) [6] US. Koala Blue, environment.

Lifetime Applauds: The Fight Against Breast Cancer
(10/21/96) [94] US. Host; Why Me, Not Gonna Give in to It, I Honestly Love You (with All-4-One).

Listen That's Love
(1974) [?] US. Sings I Honestly Love You.

Live Aid
(1986) [2] Australia. Via satellite from Los Angeles.

Live at Five
(1989) [6] US. Interview.

Live in LA
(1979) [12] US. Fall; interview.
(1991) [15] US. Promotes A Mom for Christmas, Koala Blue.
(09/93) [16] US. Interview on cancer, A Pig Tale.

Live with Regis & Kathie Lee
(1988) [7] US. The Rumour video clip.
(1989) [9] US. Warm and Tender.
(1991) [11] US. Koala Blue.
(09/09/93) [13] US. A Pig Tale + I Need Love video clip.
(10/18/96) [7] US. Promoting Gaia and Lifetime Applauds special.

Lulu Show
(07/84) [4] UK. Interview at Koala Blue; includes comment on most embarrassing moment.

Mac Davis Show [The]
(1975) [?] US. Sings Mellow, medley of If You Love Me/Let Me Be There (w/ Mac); appears in an airline skit as a stewardess.

Madonna: Truth or Dare
(00/00/00) [0:10] US. Olivia makes a short appearance backstage at a Madonna concert. Madonna's voiceover is a bit insulting. B/W.

(11/96) [29] US. Infomercial featuring Olivia at her Malibu Beach home.
(11/96) [36] US. Home Shopping Network; Olivia with host Lynn Murphy.
(01/97) [35] US. Home Shopping Network; Sunrise show, Olivia with hosts Su Ferrera & Paul Deasy.
(01/97) [33] US. Home Shopping Network; second appearance of that day; Olivia with host Lynn Murphy.
(01/97) [35] US. Home Shopping Network; third appearance of that day; Olivia with host Chris Scanlon.
(03/18/97) [?] US. Home Shopping Network; first appearance of that day.
(03/18/97) [34] US. Home Shopping Network; second appearance of that day.
(03/19/97) [?] US. Home Shopping Network; first appearance of that day.
(03/19/97) [21] US. Home Shopping Network; second appearance of that day.

Marsha Warfield Show
(1990) [15] US. Environment show.

Merv Griffen
(1981) [110] US. Salute to Olivia. With John Travolta, Carpenters, Rick Springfield. Sings Make a Move on Me and The Promise.
(1983) [47] US. Filmed at Koala Blue, with Pat Farrar, Helen Reddy.

Midnight Special
(1974) [4] US. If You Love Me (see also Midnight Special 1980, Best of episode).
(1975) [20] US. Host; Mellow, Air That I Breathe, If You Love Me, I Never Did Sing You a Love Song.
(12/15/75) [5] US. Let It Shine, He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother.
(1976) [4] US. Sam.
(01/16/76) [?] US. Let It Shine, Lovers.
(1977) [10] US. Footage from various performances 1971-1977 in short tribute to ONJ.
(1979) [?] US. Host: Alice Cooper; ONJ sings A Little More Love.
(07/25/80) [22] US. Best of episode. Sings 4 from Xanadu + Don't Cry for Me Argentina.
(1980) [6] US. Best of episode. Sings If You Love Me (from 1974).

Mike and Maty
(12/94) [10] US. Promoting A Christmas Romance.

Mike Douglas Show [The]
(05/15/78) [13] US. Sings Changes, Me & Bobby McGee (w/ Kenny Rogers).
(08/27/79) [12] US. With ONJ, Rona, Emerson, Jeff Conaway. Totally Hot video and cooking demo (along with her sister).
(1980) [17] US. Xanadu promo.

Monte Carlo
(1992) [6] Interview.

Morning News
(1992) [9] US. Los Angeles. Interview on B2B.
(1993) [4] US. Los Angeles. Olivia was a guest on the next show that morning & stopped in to joke around.

Morning Show [The]
(1993) [23] US. Los Angeles. Interview on A Pig Tale, sits in with Ben Stiller's crew.

Movie Time
(1990) [1] US. War of the Roses movie premiere.
(1990) [4] US. Promoting Warm and Tender.

Mr. Bean
(00/00/00) [1] . Comedy routine--Olivia mentioned in joke.

Music Fair
(1981) [12] Japan. Appears in Japanese costume; Physical, Make a Move on Me.

Music Firsts
(95/00/00) [1] US. VH-1; First record bought by Cindy Crawford.

(1983) [10] Austria. Two of a Kind.

(1982) [4] . Make a Move on Me.

Nana Mouskara
(1974) [7] UK. Sings Amoureuse, Sing a Song (with Nana).

Nashville Now
(1990) [20] US. TNN.

Ned & Stacy
(11/95) [24] US. Guest stars as herself in this mediocre situation comedy.

New Year's Rockin' Eve
(12/31/74) [18] US. I Honestly Love You, It's So Easy solo and Auld Lang Syne, Instrumental (with others). (Rebroadcast on VH1 3/97).

NewFangled Wandering Show
(1974) [?] UK.

News (Various Broadcasts)
(1980) [17] Australia. Aussie TV News Conferences: Xanadu promotion; 4 separate shows.
(12/83) [3] US. San Diego: Two of a Kind opening.
(12/13/89) [2] US. Channel 39, San Diego: Koala Blue opening in Horton Plaza.
(7/92) [1] US. CNN Headline News: On cancer announcement.
(7/92) [1] US. Channel 9, Los Angeles: On cancer announcement.
(7/92) [1] US. Channel 7, Los Angeles: On cancer announcement.
(7/92) [1] US. Channel 39, San Diego: On cancer announcement.
(10/18/96) [2] US. San Diego, Health Watch Segment: on surviving cancer.

Night of 100 Stars
(1990) [6] US. Sings Hopelessly Devoted to You, Sing a Song (with others).

Night Tracks
(1986) [3] US. Best of Me video.

(1985) [?] US. Soul Kiss promo.

Noel Edwards Show
(1983) [8] Twist of Fate.

Number Ones [The]
(1996) [4] US. Grease is top soundtrack; Grease Mega Mix video shown.

Olivia's Television Commercials
(1978) [1] US. Grease Soundtrack.
(1979) [1] UK. Totally Hot.
(08/80) [1] US. Xanadu.
(1981) [1] US. For Bob Hope Special.
(1982) [1] US. Greatest Hits 2.
(1982) [1] US. Olivia live at Forest Hills.
(1983) [1] Canada. Two of a Kind (in French) with clips from Twist of Fate video.
(1987) [1] US. Melbourne Australian Tourist Industry ad.
(1987) [2] Australia. Melbourne Australian Tourist Industry ad + commentary.
(1988) [1] US. HBO World Stage: Olivia Down Under.
(1989) [1] US. Warm and Tender (includes Tea Party clip).
(12/90) [1] US. A Mom for Christmas.
(9/8/93) [1] US. Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.
(12/18/94) [1] US. A Christmas Romance.
(1995) [1] Australia. Ray Martin Presents Olivia.
(1996) [3] US. Lifetime Applauds--5 different ads.
(1996) [5] Australia. Panasonic Ads: 5 Aussie TV commercials plus behind the scenes.
(1997) [1] US. Home Shopping Network: Marae.

Olivia's Television Movies

Funny Things Happen Down Under
(1966) [59] Australia. Olivia's first TV Movie. In it, she sings "It's Christmas Time Down Under."
Case [The]
(1971) [58] UK. Cliff Richard TV movie. Olivia sings "If I Was Close To You" w/ Cliff; Just a Little Too Much (entire movie: 58; ONJ scenes only: 5:32).
Mom for Christmas [A]
(12/90) [95] US. TV Movie.
Christmas Romance [A]
(12/18/94) [94] US. TV movie.

Olivia's Television Specials

Love Performance
(1976) [48] Japan. Japanese concert performance with subtitles.
Special Olivia Newton-John [A]
(11/16/76) [52] US. First US TV special. With Elliott Gould, Tom Bosley, Ron Howard, Rona Barrett, Lynda Carter, Lee Majors. ONJ sings 7 songs plus two medleys totaling another 12 songs.
Only Olivia
(1977) [46] UK. BBC; solo performance, includes hits and Slow Dancing, Love Is Alive, Take Me Home Country Roads.
Amsterdam Concert
(1978) [45] Amsterdam. Grease/Totally Hot.
(05/17/78) [49] US. Second US special. With Andy Gibb, ABBA. ONJ sings numerous songs throughout including Grow Young, Remember the Days of the Old School Yard, You Know How I Feel, What'll I Do, and Just the Way You Are.
Olivia Live in Japan
(1978) [25] Japan. From her spring tour.
Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Nights
(04/14/80) [50] US. With Gene Kelly, Elton John, Andy Gibb, Cliff Richard, Toni Tennile, Tina Turner, Ted Knight, Dick Clark. Olivia sings numerous songs throughout, including Hollywood Nights, Making Movies, Heartache Tonight, and Candle in the Wind.
Let's Get Physical
(02/82) [50] US. TV special, with footage not included in commercial video release.
Olivia Live: Physical
(1983) [85] US. HBO; Concert from Ogden, Utah.
Olivia Live: Physical Ad bloopers
(1983) [1] US. HBO; Bloopers from ONJ's promo ad for the Physical concert broadcast.
Down Under
(07/30/88) [60] US. HBO; videos from the Rumour.
Warm and Tender
(1990) [25] US. VH-1.
Spanish Concert
(1991) [18] Spain. Live mini-concert: interview, Magic, Honestly Love You, Hopelessly Devoted, Physical.

(1984) [6] Australia. Sings I Still Call Australia Home.

On Stage America
(1984) [7] US. Koala Blue.

One on One with John Tesh
(1992) [10] US. Interview.

Paradise Beach
(1994) [20] Australia. Australian soap opera; Matt's final episode with appearances by Olivia and Chloe.

Parkinson Show
(1978) [18] UK. BBC; interview, sings A Little More Love.
(1980) [40] UK. BBC.

Pat Sajack Show
(1989) [15] US. Sings Reach Out for Me.

People's Choice Awards
(1979) [?] US. Sings.
(1991) [3] US. Presents award to MC Hammer.

Perry Como's Springtime Special
(03/27/75) [?] US. Duets with Perry on Laughter in the Rain.

PM Magazine
(1982) [7] US. Profile with interview, clips from Totally Hot video.
(1983) [5] US. Interview promoting Two of a Kind; John Travolta also appears.
(1983) [5] US. Interview about Koala Blue.

(1981) [30] Europe. Sings several songs.

Pop Up Video
(11/96) [5] US. Physical video with pop-up balloon commentary.

Portrait of a Legend
(08/81) [23] Netherlands. US. Profile; host James Darin, interviewer Maria Shriver (Netherlands version is in English with Dutch subtitles).

Portrait of a Superstar
(1980) [23] US. PBS; interview by Catherine Laporte-Coolen.

Prime Time Live
(11/04/93) [12] US. Report on Olivia's cancer; excellent interview at her beach house.

Public People, Private Lives
(1988) [10] US. Interview, The Rumour promo; with Matt & Chloe; clip of Pat & Olivia.

Ray Martin Presents
(1995) [55] Australia. Interview, Honestly Love You, No Matter What You Do, Don't Cut Me Down.

Record Gala
(1981) [20] Dutch. Sings several songs.

Reporters [The]
(1989) [15] US. Report on the rainforests.

Royal Variety Performance
(1995) [9] UK. Had to Be w/ Cliff, That's What Friends Are For w/ others; meets the Queen.

San Diego Weekend Magazine
(1981) [3] US. Landslide video.
(1982) [4] US. Make a Move on Me video.

Saturday Night Live
(03/82) [25] US. Hosts, sings Physical, Landslide, Make a Move on Me, does news commentary, and appears in two skits (one a parody of Grease).
(1996, 1997) [24] US. Comedy Central rebroadcast. All Olivia scenes rebroadcast except news commentary.

Seekers Special
(1993) [3] Australia. Olivia introduces this TV special on the 60's group.

Selena's Showcase
(1990) [3] US. PBS; short interview on Koala Blue clothing.

Seventies Celebration
(1993) [4] US. With Bee Gees, Donna Summer.

Showbiz Today
(1992) [5] US. CNN; Interview, clip of I Need Love.
(1993) [3] US. CNN.
(12/94) [2] US. CNN; promoting A Christmas Romance.

Showbiz Today????
(00/00/00) [5] US. E????; cancer.

(1995) [1] US. Fox; Clip on Tibetan Monks at a celebrity benefit.

Smother's Brothers [The]
(1975) [?] US. Sings Mellow, duets with Tom on If You Could Read My Mind.

Snowy River, MacGregor Saga
(1995) [?] US. Episode 1 of 3.
(1995) [45] US. Episode 2 of 3. "The Search:" Joanna (Olivia) searches for her father.
(1995) [45] US. Episode 3 of 3. "The Lost Child:" Joanna and Kathleen search for Joanna's half-brother. Olivia sings one verse of "Rocking."

Solid Gold
(1981) [9] US. Debuts Physical, sings Rest Your Love on Me with Andy.
(02/82) [5] US. Sings Make a Move on Me.
(1983) [3] US. Take a Chance video, interview.
(1983) [1] US. Comments on Aussie music.
(1985) [5] US. Soul Kiss video, interview.

Sony Music TV
(1985) [43] Japan. Oldies but Goodies: Mellow, A Little More Love, Xanadu, Magic, Physical, Make a Move on Me, Heart Attack, Twist of Fate, Take a Chance, Soul Kiss, Toughen Up.

Souvenir Souvenir
(00/00/00) [26] France. ONJ documentary with French subtitles.

Spina Bifida Benefit
(1995) [5] Australia. Sings No Other Love.

Star Quiz
(00/00/00) [4] Japan.

Sundance Film Festival
(1996) [2]

Superclassifica Show
(1992) [7] Italy. Interview, sings I Need Love.

Superstar Profile
(00/00/00) [24]

Superstars of Rock
(1975) [3] US. Sings My Old Man's Got a Gun.

Sydney Opera House Charity
(1980) [25] Australia. Sings 4 songs, early footage.

Tea Party Promo
(10/26/89) [6] US. Promo of and including Reach Out for Me video.

Termi di munte catin
(1992) [5] Italy. Sings I Need Love.

Terry Wogan Show
(1988) [6] With Minogue, interview.

Tetsuko's Room
(1989) [35] Japan. Interview.

There's a New Spirit
(00/00/00) [5] US. Anti-drug show. Travolta and Olivia talk to kids about drugs.

Thicke of the Night
(10/83) [7] US. Alan Thicke visits Koala Blue, part 1 of 2 parts.
(10/83) [6] US. Alan Thicke visits Koala Blue, part 2 of 2 parts.

Thirty Two
(1992) [7] Italy. Premiorega television; sings I Need Love.

Today Show
(1982) [10] US.
(1983) [4] US.
(01/23/90) [8] US. Promoting Warm and Tender; clip from Reach Out for Me video.
(10/18/96) [7] US. Promoting Lifetime Applauds special.

Today Show Weekend Edition
(1993) [?] US.

Tokyo Music Fair
(1973) [3] Japan. Maybe Then I'll Think of You.

Tomorrow Coast to Coast
(1981) [15] US. Tom Snyder show. Interview. The Promise.

Tonight Show
(1974) [?] US. Sings If You Love Me, I Honestly Love You.
(03/75) [15] US. Sings Mellow and Follow Me.
(1976) [?] US. Sings Sam, Every Face Tells a Story.
(1977) [7] US. No interview. Sings Sam, I'll Never Fall in Love Again (w/ Helen Reddy).
(1983) [11] US. Hosted by Joan Rivers. With John Travolta.
(1989) [13] US. With Leno. Sings Reach Out for Me, interview.
(12/90) [9] US. A Mom for Christmas, interview only.

Top of the Pops
(1978) [5] UK. BBC; A Little More Love.
(1980) [4] UK. BBC; Xanadu promo.

Top Venti
(1992) [7] Italy. Interview; sings I Need Love.

Twin Cities Live
(1987) [30] US. Interview on career, Koala Blue.

UK Breakfast Show
(1988) [30] UK. Interview.
(1989) [?] UK. Koala Blue

UK Living
(1995) [11] UK. Gaia promo.

UNICEF: A Gift of Song
(01/10/79) [11] US. Sings The Key, Rest Your Love on Me w/ Andy Gibb.

(10/14/93) [28] US. Interview on breast cancer, the Chuda Fund, A Pig Tale.
(1995) [2] US. Flashback episode; Olivia's Christmas memories.

Whole Enchilada
(1989) [16] US. VH-1.

World Music Awards
(1992) [9] US. I Need Love, Suddenly w/ Cliff.
(05/30/95) [10] US. Presents award to Celine Dion; appears throughout in first row of audience.


Making Xanadu
(1980) [24] US. Documentary with interview segments. Unused footage & wrap party.
(1980) [20] US. Outtakes and unused footage.

Yoruno Hit Studio
(1981) [11] Japan. Interview, sings Make a Move on Me, Physical.

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