Music Connection: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN


Pop/Rock Question Book

Reference Book
Written by David Dachs
Page 51.

Rock Talk

Reference Book
Written by Barbara Rowes
Scholastic Book Services, New York
Chapter Four: "Olivia Newton-John."
Pages 50 - 51, 59 - 68.

The Year in Music 1977

Reference Book
By Judith Glassman
A Gladstone Book, Columbia House, New York
Pages 82, 86-87, 94, 189, 191, 265, 267.

Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits

Music Book
Columbia Pictures Publications, Hialeah, Florida
Song List: Changes, If Not For You, Let Me Be There, If You Love Me (Let Me Know), I Honestly Love You, Have You Never Been Mellow, Please Mr. Please, Take Me Home, Country Roads, Let It Shine, Something Better To Do, Don't Stop Believin', Sam

Making a Good Thing Better

Music Sheet.

If Love Is Real

Music Sheet.

All-Star Beauty Secrets

Black-and-white pamphlet published by Laufer Publication
"True Beauty: Voice."
Page 31.

Music Talk (UK)

1977, Number 108
"Making a Good Thing Better."
Page 3.

Young Pops (Japan)

"Female Vocalist Big 3."
33 pages, including 61 photos.
(15 full-page 10 x 14-in pin-ups.)

Young Rock (Japan)


News and Views (UK)

March 1977
Issue 1
Olivia Newton-John Appreciation Society
Fan Club Newsletter
Cover illustration by Christine Todman.
16 pages.

The Music (Japan)

April 1977
Page 13.

Woman's Day (Oz)

April 1977
"What Makes Olivia Newton-John the World's Most Desirable Woman?"

News and Views (UK)

May 1977
Issue 2
Olivia Newton-John Appreciation Society
Fan Club Newsletter
Cover illustration by J.D. Robinson.
23 pages.

Country Style

May 19, 1977
Issue No. 17
"Lovely Livvy: So What If She's Not Country."
Pages 4, 23 - 26, 39.
Released in Magazine (pictured at left) and Newspaper (pictured at right) format.

Photo Currently Unavailable

Country Hits of the 70s

Summer 1977
"Olivia Newton-John."

Woman's Day (Australia)

July 18, 1977
"Olivia: A New Hollywood Star Is Born."

Ladies Home Journal

August 1977
Volume XCIV, Number 8
"Olivia Newton-John and Her Four Legged Family."
Page 14.


August 23, 1977
"She's Sugar 'n' Spice, But Not without Vice."
Pages 24 - 29.

Country Music

September 1977
"Olivia: A Hint of Country."
Pages 22 - 25, 39, 58.

News and Views (UK)

September 1977
Issue 3
Olivia Newton-John Appreciation Society
Fan Club Newsletter
24 pages.

Modern People

September 18, 1977
Volume 11, Number 12
"Olivia & Travolta: Hollywood's Hottest New Romance."

National Bulletin

September 20, 1977
Volume 16, Number 7
"Why American Men Don't Turn Me On."

Teen Favorites

October 1977
Volume 1, Number 8
"Do You Look Like Olivia Newton-John?"
Pages 2, 56.

Photo currently unavailable

My Weekly (UK)

October 29, 1977
"An Exclusive Interview with Olivia Newton-John."

TV Picture Life

November 1977
"John Travolta's Hot and Heavy Dates with Olivia Newton-John."
Pages 24 - 25, 44 - 45.

The Star

November 1, 1977
"Love, Marriage and Movie Stardom in the Air as Olivia Goes Back to Her Boyfriend."
Page 13.

Family Weekly

November 13, 1977
"Olivia Newton-John: Popular, Wholesome and Downright Nice."
Page 8.

Music Talk (UK)

December 1977
Number 126
"Olivia's Greatest Hits."
Page 3.

News and Views (UK)

December 1977
Issue 4
Olivia Newton-John Appreciation Society
Fan Club Newsletter
25 pages.


December 24, 1977
"Olivia Newton-John."
Page 9.

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